Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Present ideas can be a minefield! If you choose to stick to the traditional gift themes then here are our top ideas for presents for each year.

First Wedding Anniversary – Paper
– Tickets to a movie or another performance
– First edition of their favourite book
– Scrapbook of moments together
– Paper flowers
– Or, of course, something shiny wrapped in tissue paper

Second Wedding Anniversary – Cotton
– Clothes (the obvious one)
– Personalised towels or bedding
– Photo personalised bag, cushion etc
– cotton canvas with a photo or favourite print on it

Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Wood
– Plant a tree together
– Wooden Sculpture
– Fill a wooden box with mementos of your lives together

Tenth Wedding Anniversary – Tin/Aluminium
– Aluminium watch/jewellery
– Aluminium jewellery box
– If neither of these sound appealing, the modern alternative is diamond jewellery

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary – China
– A gorgeous China tea set you can even pass on as an heirloom
– A Hummel or other collectible figurine
– China Vase filled with favourite flowers

Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary – Silver
– Silver Jewellery
– Silver photoframe with your favourite wedding photo in it
– Have a party with a silver theme – it’s time to celebrate with friends

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary – Pearl
– Pearl Jewellery
– A letter opener or swiss army knife inlaid with Mother of Pearl
– Trip to Pearl Harbour in Hawaii

Fortieth Wedding Anniversary – Ruby
– Ruby Jewellery
– Toast your celebration with some Ruby Red Wine
– Celebrate this amazing milestone with a party!

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary – Gold
– Gold Jewellery
– Celebrate with a bottle of Golden coloured champagne
– Plan a trip to the Gold coast, or even a gold mine

Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary – Diamond
– Request your telegram from the Queen Click here for more
– Diamond Jewellery of course!

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