Wedding Anniversary Gift Traditions

This is the definitive list of Wedding Anniversary Gift Traditions – both modern and traditional, and even the flowers associated with each year. Weddings Designed makes it easy for you!

Year Traditional Modern Flower
1st Paper Clock Orange Blossom
2nd Cotton China Daisy
3rd Leather Glass/Crystal Carnation
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliance Violet
5th Woodenware Silverware Pansies
6th Candy/Iron Woodenware Tulip
7th Wool/Copper Desk Set Camellia
8th Bronze/Pottery Linen/Lace Cat’s Tail
9th Pottery/Willow Leather Item Hollyhock
10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry Sweet Pea
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry Lilac
12th Silk/Linens Pearls Lily
13th Lace Textiles/Furs Hydrangea
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry Daffodil
15th Crystal Watch Calla Lily
20th China Platinum Iris
25th Silver Silver Yellow Rose
30th Pearls Diamond Jewelry Poppy
35th Coral Jade Peony
40th Ruby Ruby Mum
50th Gold Gold Red Rose
55th Emeralds Emeralds Jasmine
60th Diamonds Diamonds White Rose

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