One vision, lots of dreams

Weddings Designed offers free help and advice on finding bespoke jewellery, hand-made favours and stationery planned around you. Rather than just planning the best wedding you can manage, let us help you organise the day of your dreams.

Weddings Designed’s founder worked in marketing and events for five years before she had to plan her own wedding:

“We were determined to have a wedding that everyone would recognise as our’s. As a writer marrying a designer, we wanted some pretty specific things, and were surprised that it was so difficult to source them, or even find someone to help us!”

After only a little research she discovered a reason for her dilemma:
“It costs an arm and a leg to get listed in the big wedding directories and magazines! The quirkier, less mainstream suppliers I was looking for can’t splash out big advertising budgets, and if they had done, I couldn’t have afforded their services.”

The result of her frustration was to help brides find a new way of planning a wedding. Weddings Designed suppliers directory is free to list in – there are only three criteria:
1. You must be based in Scotland.
2. Your product/service must be worth our time (we manually check all submissions for quality).
3. Your product/service must not discriminate against any couple, no matter their race, religion, or sexuality.

Instead of being judged by how much budget they have, suppliers are then reviewed and recommended by people who have actually used them. We do sell advertising space too, but it’s low cost and only helps us to cover our costs.

The rest of the website is full of advice, help and support for people planning to get married.