Anniversary Party Planning

Is an anniversary party different from any other type of party?  What do you need to consider when planning the party for yourself, or if you are planning it for another couple?  We’ve pulled together a quick guide with 10 simple steps to make it as easy as possible for you to create an amazing Anniversary Party:

1. Decide on the type of party

Remember to focus on what the couple wants, not the kind of party you would like to attend. That means, don’t plan a huge surprise party if they would prefer an intimate family dinner.

2. Make a guest list

If you are planning for yourself, work as a pair to make sure you don’t miss anyone.  If you are planning for someone else, we recommend asking their friends and family members for help you to make sure you don’t forget anyone. If it is not a surprise and you can ask the couple outright – even better!

3. Choose a venue based on your estimated guest numbers

You don’t want a big empty hall for an intimate dinner, and you don’t want a tiny cosy room for a big noisy group!  So get the numbers, then look at venues.  Once you have spoken to a venue, ask if they recommend any caterers or entertainers.  They are likely to have suppliers who they use regularly which can make your life so much easier!

4. Organise the food

Buffet, canapes or set dinner? Once you decide on a type of service and choose a caterer, the work isn’t done… You need to contact guests and check for any allergies or special dietary requirements.  If you are planning a buffet, the rule of thumb is to order for approx 75% of the expected guests.  If you’ve decided on a set dinner and you are offering menu choices, including those with the dietary requirements on the RSVP that will make the admin easier for you!

5. Send out invitations

Remember to include a ‘closing date’ for RSVPs and plenty of contact details for you so they can ask you any questions. If you do not want gifts, or if you would like donations to charity etc. remember to include this on the invitation.

6. Plan the entertainment well in advance

For entertainers, make sure you have a contract to avoid disappointment. If you are organising games, don’t embarrass the couple – think of it as a second wedding. They can be teased, but it’s their day, make sure they have fun.

7. Organise the decorations

Balloons, banners, photos of them as a couple etc. Include table centrepieces if it’s a sit down meal. Check out the traditional flowers associated with each anniversary year – it can be a nice touch.

8. Order a cake

It could be a replica of their original wedding cake, or something less traditional. It can be humorous or modern, a tiered cake or a pile of cupcakes – there are no rules.

9. Organise Party favours

Why not base them around the traditional gift for the anniversary year e.g. ruby, silver?

10. Confirm final numbers with the venue



Oh, and make sure they’ll agree to your choices of entertainment and decorations!  Don’t leave it to the day to be disappointed!