A Simple Guide to Wedding Anniversaries

Not everyone is brought up in family where wedding anniversaries are a big deal – or maybe you didn’t grow up reading romance novels, or watching Sandra Bullock movies.  Whatever your reasons for needing a helping hand, here is a quick guide with tips to give your partner an anniversary to remember.

1. Get the date right

So you probably know the month…but is it the 5th or the 15th? Associate the number with something – your birthday plus your house number, or pick a sportsperson with that jersey number and imagine they were at your wedding!  Try and lock it in your mind somehow. If you’re prone to forgetting, remembering without your partner having to tell you might be more appreciated than anything else you can do!

2. Start a tradition

Make it easy to come up with ideas by picking a theme and turning it into a tradition. Choose something flexible so you can alter it to match your lives as they change through the years. For instance, use a matching card every year so your partner has a series of cards, each with a new message on each anniversary.  Or maybe you always get them a charm for a bracelet, or a ring that has the stone or material related to that year’s tradition.

3. Make dinner special

Why not make a dinner instead of taking your partner out to the same restaurant every year? Or buy a take-away meal from their favourite restaurant, and serve it to them in a classic ‘candle lit dinner’ at home. Honestly, just phone up and ask – it’s a rare restaurant will say no if you sell it on ‘romance’!  Tell them you’ll tag them on social media if need be!

4. Choose a special DRINK

Surprise them with a toast from a bottle of wine made the year you were married. Or if your partner is more of a beer or spirit drinker, hunt down something from a special location (or with a cool name!).  Just showing you put real thought into it will mean a lot.

5. It doesn’t have to be simple

There are no rules to say ‘you must have a meal together’. Why not appear at their work during lunch with a romantic picnic? Or plan a whole day of activities that you’ll both enjoy? Or even turn it into a full weekend away?



We hope this little guide helps, but remember, if in doubt, just do something to let your partner know that you love them and that you think that they are the most special person in the world.