But What if it Rains?

In the Scottish Highlands, it rains on average 250 days in a year, and around 175 days in the rest of the country.  That means that if you are planning a wedding in Scotland, you have up to a 68% chance of it raining on your big day.  Rather than being worried about it, how do you prepare for it and, hear me out, make the best of the bad weather?!

Be Prepared

The key to a successful rainy wedding is to have backup plans ready to go.  Invest in some cool wellies for the wedding party, funky umbrellas, or even classic festival ponchos!  Forget the sweaty, sun-drenched photos, instead imagine the amazing splashy shoot you’ll all remember forever.

If the idea of photos in the rain doesn’t sound good to you, then make sure you have an interior alternative in place, and if you planned for your guests to spend the time outside, then have a plan b for inside entertainment and canapes if your outside gets rained off.

Work with the Weather

Text your guests and tell them wellies are required!  Instead of a room full of grumpy guests in wet stilettos, you could have grown-ups jumping in puddles and loving life!  If it’s cold, give out cosy blankets, get the fires lit and let’s get romantic.

Whatever the weather, by switching up your mindset to see the positives rather than focusing on the negatives, you can turn wet weather into a fabulous opportunity for a memorable big day!

See it as Good Luck

Finally, think of it as lucky.  No, really!  In fact, in the traditional Scottish Hand Fasting ceremonies, there is a belief that ‘the wetter the rope, the tighter the knot’.  It’s not just Scots who trust in the rain, there is a Hindu tradition that a rainy wedding day means a long-lasting marriage, and old pagan traditions also see rain as a good omen as it washes away the past.

Did it pour down on your big day? What are your tips for an amazing wet weather wedding?