Can you have a Dog Friendly Wedding?

It makes so much sense that there are couples out there who want to have their dog included in their wedding.  Whether you are a dog person on not, you can understand that when a couple has something in common that they love, they want to make it a part of their big day.  But how can you have a dog-friendly wedding successfully?  The trick is thinking about the details:

1. Think about the venue

You can’t take your pup to every restaurant or hotel in Scotland, so it follows that you can’t take them to every wedding venue either.  Shortlist some dog friendly venues, then visit them with your pooch and make sure there is security so they can’t run away and get hurt or lost, somewhere for them to (ahem) do their business without you getting yelled at, and that there is nothing dangerous, or too tempting for them!  If your pup is obsessed by water like mine is and there is an ornate antique fountain in the middle of the place where you are taking your photos, you could end up with a soggy dog and splashed guests!

2. Think about your guests

You need to let everyone know, from suppliers to guests, that your dog will be part of the day.  That means anyone who is afraid of dogs, or allergic to them, will be able to excuse themselves from your day.  You should also think about someone who is coming that you trust, and who could take care of the dog for you when you are busy, and even take them home before the band starts.

3. Think about the schedule

Which parts of the day will your dog be part of?  Will they ride in one of the cars with you?  Will they play a role in the ceremony (Ring-bearer, or flower dog?!)?  Or will they just be there as a guest?  Plan the day in advance for where the dog will be at all times to help ensure there is no stress for you or your pup.

4. Think about the photos

First, you need to make sure you have a photographer who knows how to photograph dogs!  Even better, one who has plenty of experience photographing doggy weddings and can help you figure out how to get the most out of your pup being there with you.

Did you have your dog at your wedding?  Can you give any more hints and tips of what people need to think about before they plan a dog-friendly wedding in Scotland?  Let us know!