Engagement Party Planning

An engagement party is a great way for people in Scotland to announce their engagement. There are pros and cons to having one, as well as etiquette that needs to be considered, but fear not, Weddings Designed is on hand to help!

Things to consider...

Engagement parties let you announce your engagement to your friends and family in a fun way, and give both sides of the family a chance to meet and get to know each other before the party. However, it forces you to consider who will be invited to your wedding – as you shouldn’t have people at the engagement party who won’t be getting an invite to the big day! Other factors to consider are cost, who will be paying for and hosting it, and how formal you want it to be.

Some helpful hints...

You should not hold the party within six months of the actual wedding. Traditionally it’s within 2 months of the proposal, so here is our handy guide to planning a party in that time frame:

Two months to go

  • Choose a date and a venue.
  • Compose a guest list and send save the date cards if you want to ensure people will be free.

One month to go

  • Send out invitations, whether by post/phone/email, whatever suits your theme. Remember to include directions and ask people to RSVP.
  • Start to pick and buy your decorations and party favours.
  • Organise your entertainment (DJ, Magician – whatever you fancy!).
  • Plan your food and drink requirements.

Three weeks to go

  • If you need a marquee, extra furniture or glasses organise the hire of them now.
  • If you want anyone to make a speech, you’ll need to let them know soon to give them time to prepare.

Two weeks to go

  • Make up your playlist. If you aren’t having a DJ, why not get a party pass on a music app like Spotify to help you cater for everyone’s taste?
  • If you are catering the party yourself, prepare any food that you can freeze and keep. If someone else is catering for you, sign off on the menu and arrange any tastings.

One week to go

  • If you’re organising the drinks, buy in what you need – and remember to include suitable drinks for drivers and younger guests.

The day before

  • Start to decorate your house or venue and prepare food.
  • Check batteries for cameras.
  • If the party’s at your home, set tables with paper tablecloths, and set out bins. Make sure there’s loo roll and clean towels in the bedroom and plan parking and where people can put their coats and bags.

On the day

  • Set out the food and drink.
  • Clear away any valuables which might get smashed.
  • Have fun!

Engagement Party Invitation Wording

Engagement Party invite wording – third person

Please join us to celebrate the engagement of
(Name) and (Name)
on (Date) at (Time)
at (Full Address)
Put on your best (Dress code)
Let us know if you’d like to come by (How to RSVP)


Engagement Party invite from the Couple

(Name) and (Name)
request the pleasure of your company at a party in their honour
(Day and date)
(Full address)


Engagement Party invite from Parents

(Parents’ names)
request the pleasure of your company at a dinner in honour of
(Partner One’s name) and (Partner Two’s name)
(Day and date)
(Full address)