How to announce your Engagement

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! You are probably keen to tell as many people as quickly as possible so here are our tips to make sure things go smoothly for you.

1. Make a list of everyone you want to tell and how you’ll tell them (e.g. phone, email, in person etc.)

2. If you’re planning an engagement party, check out our hints and tips page here.

3. If you’d like to make a formal announcement, it’s traditional for the bride’s parents to announce the engagement in a newspaper. Here are some examples of traditional wording:

Wording for a local newspaper

Mr and Mrs John Smith of Mosspark, Glasgow are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Jane Ann to Mark Thomas, son of Mr and Mrs James Jones of Newington, Edinburgh.

Wording for a national newspaper

The engagement is announced between Mark, younger son of Mr and Mrs James Jones of Newington, Edinburgh, and Jane Ann, only daughter of Mr and Mrs John Smith of Mosspark, Glasgow.

Announcing a same sex engagement

For same sex engagements, there isn’t a ‘tradition’…yet! But so far, the wording for announcements has followed the same rules, with one set of parents announcing the engagement in the style above.