Leap Year Proposals

The next leap year is 2024, giving you plenty of time to plan the perfect leap year proposal for your man. There’s no reason why you cannot side-step tradition and propose on any day of any year, but the leap year, and February 29th in particular has traditional associations with good luck and unusual happenings!

Not every man will enjoy his girlfriend taking charge, so if you’re thinking of a leap year proposal, here are our hints and tips:

– Choose a place that HE would like to be proposed to in. Don’t force your perfect proposal on him.

– Choose a time that suits HIM. Don’t get down on one knee while he’s watching the football.

– Don’t put too much pressure on him, make it fun and something you’ll both always remember.

– Prepare yourself for any response – a joyous ‘yes’, an angry ‘no’, or a pensive ‘maybe’ are all possible, however sure you are he’ll say yes!