Hen Night Do’s and Don’ts

Plan your perfect Scottish Hen Night with Weddings Designed. Follow our hints and tips and create the ideal night out for the bride-to-be:

  • Speak to the Bride
    This is the golden rule of planning a Hen Night!  It’s her party and you need to plan it with her in mind.  Plan the party she will love, not the one that you want!

  • Get a Guest List
    Just like planning the wedding, everything starts with a guest list.  How many people are coming, where they live, how old they are – all of these things will inform the plans for the Hen Night, so start here.

  • Don’t assume budgets
    Not everyone will have the spare cash for a weekend in Ibiza, and even if they do, they may not want to spend it on someone else’s party! Be aware of budgets and consider everyone before you jump in and make big outlandish plans.

  • Confirm all of your attendees before you pay a deposit
    You don’t want to end up paying for someone who doesn’t show up, so double and triple-check before you fork out for deposits.

  • Share the plans
    You might want to keep some details secret from the bride, but if you are expecting the other guests to pay for an event, you need to share the itinerary with them in advance!  This will also help weed out surprises that could throw the plans out on the day – like pregnancies and allergies…I speak from experience!

  • Run any plans by the venue
    Whether it’s party hats or strippers, phone and check before the night to prevent any disappointments or angry staff!

  • Make sure you know exactly where the venue is
    No one wants to be trailing round after you trying to read numbers on buildings!

  • Keep it simple
    Don’t try to squeeze in too many things and don’t make games too complicated – especially if there is going to be alcohol involved! In general, assume that people will be more interested in having fun than learning rules!

  • Don’t forget photos
    See rule number 1 – it’s the bride-to-be’s night, so check in with her before the night (or weekend!) begins.  If she doesn’t want her future mother-in-law seeing antics in real time on other people’s stories, then ask everyone not to post for the weekend. You can all take photos all day long, and share the best ones after the event.  If you have a WhatsApp group that’s a great place for people to share (and veto!) photos so you all have great memories to treasure, and no beer fear regrets!

  • Relax and have fun
    You can’t plan for everything so when the unexpected happens, smile and enjoy it.