Hen Night Games and Ideas

Rule number one when planning a bride’s hen night for her – plan it FOR HER. Just because you prefer a stripper to a tea party, doesn’t mean she will. So here are some ideas which might help you along the way. Some people like a night of madness while others like much calmer outgoings, but hen night games are always a good idea.

Alternative Hen Night Ideas

While a bachelorette party or hen night is widely taken to mean a night of drunken debauchery, it’s not the only choice. That’s not to say that it’s not a valid way to spend your last night of freedom – but here are some alternatives:

  • Dinners and cocktail parties are great for people to have chats, swap advice with the bride-to-be, and they also provide opportunities for a wider age-range to participate.
  • Pamper parties, whether at home or in a spa, are also great for a hen party designed to include nieces, grandmas and everyone in between. The downside is, the cost can be prohibitive for some people, and group size is often limited.
  • Pub crawls, or bar tours can be great for larger groups, but obviously limit the age range which can join in. Why not include a themed scavenger hunt to keep everyone involved?
  • Hen holidays are becoming more popular and can be a great excuse for a week or two of fun with some close friends. Most brides-to-be who choose this option find that they have to hold a separate night out for the people who can’t make the holiday.
  • If you feel like taking a more sophisticated tact, why not opt for a tea party in the daytime?
  • The option many couples choose now is a ‘Hag Do’, that is, a combined Stag and Hen Do, so that the bride can invite her male friends, and the groom can invite his female friends.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, there are other more alternatives – such as a ‘Bridesmaids Luncheon’, traditionally hosted by the bride-to-be and her mum a week or two before the wedding, or a ‘Bridal Shower’ where the bride is presented with little gifts from the guests. If this does not appeal why not try some hen night games. Hen night games are a great way to liven up the night and make for hours of amusing nonsense.

Hen Night Games – Some Ideas

– Mr and Mrs (or Mrs and Mrs)
In advance, ask the bride’s other half questions about themself, then at the hen night, have the bride answer them and see how well she knows her spouse-to-be.  

– Never Have I Ever
One of the more traditional hen night games, involving drinking, and that means it tends to get sillier as the night goes on! The first person starts out with a true statement (e.g. “I’ve never cheated on a partner”) and anyone that has done that thing, takes a drink (or pays money into the pot, has to do a penalty etc.). The next person in the circle makes an I NEVER statement and everyone that has done that dastardly thing has to drink.

– Question Time
Every person writes down an embarrassing question and puts them in a bowl. The bride takes one question at a time, and must answer it or pay a penalty (e.g. take a drink).