Hen Night Tradition and History

In Scotland we call it a Hen night, Hen party, or Hen do – terms commonly used across the UK, Ireland and Australia. In the US they call it a Bachelorette party, in Canada it’s a ‘Stagette’ – but where did this tradition come from? The bachelor party (or Stag do) which the hen party is modeled after was traditionally a dinner held by the groom-to-be for his friends just before the wedding. The practice of honouring the bride-to-be with a party is centuries old, but the current incarnation of the hen party only began around the mid-1980’s. Currently, hen night tradition points to an all women group, and the party is organised and/or hosted by members of the wedding party – typically the chief bridesmaid. The party is normally held in an evening, within the last few weeks before the wedding. For more ideas on games and things to do, visit our other Hen Night Pages.