Should we get dance lessons for our wedding?

firstdanceMy fiancé and I could dance before we got married. In fact we had our first kiss on a dance floor. But it wasn’t exactly the sort of dancing my Granny would want to see, so we decided to get some professional help for our first dance. It’s something I’ve been proud of and regretted all at the same time which gives me a pretty clear view on the pros and cons of getting the professionals in for your first dance. So, for your consideration – here’s my humble opinion:

1. Pro – we danced well…like really well
The end result was SO much better than we could have achieved on our own. No matter how many episodes of Strictly we watched, we could not have replicated a single heel lead without the help of our lovely instructor.

2. Con – we danced well…too well
Everyone knew we’d had help. There was no denying it. It was a show for the friends and family who attended, and we couldn’t pretend it wasn’t.

3. Pro – it all went to plan
No mistakes, no trips and we got some fantastic photos together. We couldn’t afford to have the photographer stay through to the reception, but with the help of disposable cameras, we got some brilliant, spontaneous photos.

4. Con – it was a routine
We didn’t have the time to learn to improvise, or dance naturally, so we learned a routine to our favourite song. There were amazing lifts, spins, tilts…but as a result, it looked like a routine. The only thing my Aunt said to me the whole day was ‘I can just picture you practising that in your living room’ – it was not a compliment…

5. Pro – it was fantastic fun
We genuinely looked forward to doing it, and we had fun while we did it, and we look back on it with smiles. The lessons were a special thing to do together and we have great memories of them as well. I really do recommend going dancing together – it makes for a sexy date night if nothing else!

So if I could do it all over again, would I? Yes…I think I would. I just wouldn’t speak to my Aunt about it afterwards…