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If there is any doubt in respect of any activity defined above, or, any activity you are considering using, then you are required to contact us in writing and inform us of your intentions and seek permission in writing, prior.

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d. Goods, products, services or information that are promoted on the weddingsdesigned.com or any claim arising from any link, information provided, or email promotion, which is provided by Weddings Designed to any other company or person.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

A listing or advert will only be accepted with the understanding that the contract between the company advertising and Weddings Designed is governed by the conditions set out herein. The following terms and conditions apply to every instruction to place an advert on weddingsdesigned.com.

Weddings Designed retains full discretion as to the complete content of weddingsdesigned.com and reserves the right to refuse or amend any listing. The company advertising is required to proof read the listing or advert on the first day of it being published and must inform weddingsdesigned.com immediately should there be any errors, misprints or omission in the listing. Weddings Designed shall not be liable for any omission or inaccuracy in published adverts or for the failure of any listing to appear arising from any cause.

Any listing placed on weddingsdesigned.com must contain nothing that is in breach of the any Law nor omit anything that the Law requires nor infringe any voluntary Code of Practice recommended to the advertising profession by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Listings that contain any content that is likely to cause offence, embarrassment or that may render Weddings Designed liable to any proceedings whatsoever are not permitted on weddingsdesigned.com. The Company advertising will indemnify Weddings Designed in respect of any costs, damages or losses suffered by the Advertiser in matters arising directly or indirectly from the production or publication of an advert, or as a result of legal proceedings or threatened legal proceedings arising from the publication of an advert of weddingsdesigned.com.

The Company advertising must disclose the identity of the client and reveal the nature of the product / service to be advertised on weddingsdesigned.com. The Advertiser must produce any additional information that Weddings Designed deems necessary in respect of any listing. Failing to comply with this request may result in Weddings Designed canceling the advert in which case no claim for breach of contract shall arise.

Weddings Designed reserve the right to call or contact any company at any time to check all information listed is correct and the company advertising must create a link from their site to http://www.weddingsdesigned.com.