Three Steps to a Sustainable Wedding

Have you considered your wedding footprint?  No, we hadn’t either, but many couples are working hard to figure out how to make their wedding more eco-conscious.  The impact that weddings can have on the environment is sneaky, from stationery that can’t be recycled, to locations that people need to travel far to get to.  So let’s look at the top three ways that you can make sustainable choices in your wedding and still get the day of your dreams.

1. As always, it starts with location!

Destination weddings are never going to be the best choice if you are trying to limit the carbon footprint of your wedding!  If you can, choose a location that is close to where the majority of your guests live.  Not only will this reduce the impact of your wedding, but making it easy for people to get to and get home from will make your guests happier too!

Consider offering buses and other transport options to help guests travel easily and in as green a way as possible.

2. Venue and Guests

This is one of the sneaky ways that your wedding can impact the environment.  If you choose a large, indoor venue you will use more energy than a smaller, outdoor space.  The fewer staff that need to travel to your venue and the less light, heating and energy that a venue uses, the smaller the footprint your wedding will have.

Similarly, the fewer guests you invite, the less waste they will create, and the less travel will be involved.  We’re not saying choose the environment over your Granny coming, we’re just saying, be thoughtful when you decide how many people to invite.

3. Make your Style Sustainable

Locally sourced, real flowers over plastic foliage; paper banners instead of balloons; reclaimed, vintage decorations and tableware rather than glittery single-use plastic options – by thinking ‘sustainable’ at every step as you make styling decisions for your wedding, you can make a big impact on the environment.

Do you have any more ideas to help our eco-conscious couples?  Comment or get in touch and let us know!