Wedding Trends for 2023

Planning on getting married in 2023?  What trends can we expect to see with bridal fashion and decorations this year– maybe the wedding rulebook will be turned upside down?

EMBROIDERED GLOVES –  When Britney Spears married Sam Ashgari, one accessory seemed to divide opinion  – her gloves. However, rather than be regarded as a bridal fashion fail, it appears that gloves have become more popular. Now brides -to- be are looking to personalise their gloves with added embroidery – maybe add your name or that of your future spouse? And if gloves are not your forte, then why not personalise your veil, and really make it a statement piece.

UNUSUAL GUEST-BOOKS – Who said a guest book had to be an actual book? You can sign anything. This can provide the perfect opportunity to add that sentimental touch or showcase you and your spouse’s passion and personality: an instrument for a music loving couple or item of clothing, such as a football strip for those who fell in love over the football field.

MIXED PRINT BRIDESMAIDS – We are all familiar with the traditional, uniform bridesmaid look. But who said that they all must look the same? Having your bridal party in different dresses not only looks stunning but it will allow your bridesmaids to have control over what they wear and express their own style. Big prints will also be trending this year.

COLOUR – Weddings do not have to be white. More couples are embracing bolder colours in their weddings – whether this be with their clothes, accessories or decorations. In some cases, the bolder the better!

FLOWERS –  Why not match bold colours with a bold floral display! This year, flowers will be trending with weddings, replacing big centrepieces, or creating natural drama within your venue. Not only do they bring a natural feel, but they will be kinder to the environment.

GENDER ROLES – If the groom’s best friend happens to be female, does that mean she has to stand next to the bride? No! Many people have best friends of the opposite sex, and they are now celebrating that in their weddings. This may be seen as unconventional at this time, but before long it will be regarded as the norm.

STEN DOS – With that in mind there has been an increase popularity for the Sten Do. A pre-wedding celebration, combining the friend groups of the couple, rather than having separate Stag and Hen Dos.

SUIT UP! -Indeed, who said that the bride has to say ‘Yes, to the dress’? If your dream does not involve looking like a Disney princess, why not consider a bridal suit? Sleek, stylish and equally stunning. May also be more practical when going to the bathroom…

POST-PANDEMIC TRENDS– The pandemic saw many couples making compromises with their wedding due to Covid restrictions. Now, even after all restrictions have been abolished, many covid influences have remained: outdoor weddings and smaller guest lists. Bigger is don’t always mean better when it comes to weddings.

SUSTAINABILITY – weddings need not be friendly to the environment, and a charming way to add a sustainability element to your wedding is with your wedding favours. Cards with seeds inside the paper that can be planted later; wildflower seed balls or potted succulents; an edible favour, like seasonal preserves. Or skip the favours altogether and donate the money to a charity. This year, flowers will also be trending with weddings, replacing big centrepieces. Not only do they bring a natural feel, but they will be kinder to the environment.