Asian Weddings in Scotland

There is a broad spectrum of faiths, rituals and traditions linked under the banner of ‘Asian Weddings Scotland’.  According to census data, around 3% of the population of Scotland is Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British.  Yet it’s still difficult to find a wide range of wedding suppliers who cater to the Asian wedding market in Scotland.

Whether your family has originated from Northern India, Southern India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, or further afield, finding suppliers who combine a local knowledge with a knowledge of your traditions can be important.  From local traditions like the famous “Chinese Tea Service”, to Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist religious traditions.

From venue dressers with knowledge of common customs, to Asian caterers, and venues with the appropriate spaces for some of the ‘bigger’ traditions, we have a full list of Asian Wedding Suppliers in Scotland.  If you know of any we’ve missed, simply use the contact form and let us know.

Asian Wedding Suppliers Scotland:

Asian Wedding Company: Asian Wedding Co. is the market leader and trendsetter for Asian weddings and events in Scotland and nationwide. They are the experts in providing creative, innovative, designer wedding and themed concepts for all types of Asian Events.

Scottish Asian Wedding Magazine: The Scottish Asian Wedding & Lifestyle magazine represents both Scottish and Asian culture for a new generation of Asians, supporting their ideas when it comes to lifestyle and wedding planning.

Asian Wedding Services: Asian Wedding Services U.K is one of Europe’s leading Asian Wedding Stages providerscatering for weddings and functions in the UK and throughout Europe.

Asian Wedding Services UK: Celebrating a new life. Lighting those candles. Getting down on one knee. Walking down the aisle. Whether you say “I do” or “Kabool hai”, we have you covered!

National Asian Wedding Show: Europe’s Largest Asian Wedding Show returns to The UK’s premier wedding & events venues for the 18th year running. Visit their website to get tickets and see a full exhibitor list.