Same Sex Marriage Scotland

Hopefully one day this page will be a bit pointless. One day the distinction between ‘Gay Weddings’ and ‘Weddings’ will be invisible, but as Scotland only allowed Gay Marriage in 2014, for now it’s still worthwhile offering help, advice and education to those needing help with how to, and where to, have a Same Sex Wedding in Scotland.

Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 received Royal Assent on 12 March 2014. The first ceremonies took place on 31 December 2014.

Getting Married in Scotland

Same sex couples who live in Scotland, or who travel to Scotland from other countries to get married, can enjoy the same freedom and flexibility with their marriage ceremonies as opposite sex couples have.

Where you can have a Same Sex Wedding in Scotland?

You are no longer restricted to a Registry Office or Registered Premises to get married in Scotland. You can have your ceremony anywhere – a hotel, a loch, a castle, a church or even at home. As long as your celebrant is legally registered, it doesn’t matter where you hold it.

Who can marry you in Scotland?

Same Sex Wedding ceremonies are not restricted by law. Your wedding can be humanist, religious, part religious, spiritualist – whatever you choose.

Getting Married Legally in Scotland

There is no difference in applying to be legally married in Scotland for same-sex or opposite-sex couples. Apply in advance at the Registry Office closest to where the ceremony will take place. Don’t worry if you’re travelling a distance from home to get married, it can all be done by post.

The application must be received no earlier than three months before the date you’re getting married, and no later than 28 days before the ceremony. All the other details (witnesses, legal celebrant etc.) are still the same too.

Converting your Civil Partnership into a Legal Marriage in Scotland

If you had your legal Civil Partnership in Scotland, you can now convert your Civil Partnership into a legal Marriage. Check out our Civil Partnership page for more information.

Same Sex Wedding Directory Scotland

All of our suppliers have verified that they are happy to supply Gay Weddings in Scotland – otherwise they cannot appear in our directory. So feel free to contact any of them without hesitation for an equal, professional service. Any discrimination – whether against race, creed, disability or sexuality will not be tolerated and suppliers will be removed if complaints are received