Weddings Abroad

Planning Weddings Abroad Yourself

  • Visit the location before your wedding day. It will help you to get to know your location better and meet up with any local suppliers
  • Find someone who speaks the local language to help you out if possible
  • Consult the foreign embassy or consulate of the country you are getting married in to discuss the legal requirements of getting married in their country.
  • Make lists of everything – things you need to do, contact details and numbers, deadlines etc. You need to become super organised!

Legal Requirements

  • If you get married abroad, your marriage will most likely be legally recognised in the UK but legal requirements vary between countries
  • Contact the foreign embassy or consulate of the country you are considering getting married in to obtain first hand information about their legal requirements
  • Hiring a wedding planner in the country you plan to get married in can take a lot of the stresses away

Wedding Abroad Insurance

  • Although not a legal requirement, I strongly recommend Wedding Insurance for marriages abroad
  • Wedding Abroad Insurance offers more than Wedding Insurance Policies so make sure you choose wisely
  • There are different levels of cover so choose the most appropriate one for your wedding
  • Purchase insurance sooner rather than later so you are covered all through the planning stages

Investigate Accommodation Options for Guests

  • Always make sure you find accommodation that caters for all budgets.
  • Ask hotels if they will offer a special rate for your guests.
  • Let guests know what date they must book by to secure a room
  • Find out if hotels will allow you to put any welcome letters or gifts in your guests’ rooms.
  • Make an information pack for guests letting them know of recommended hotels and any special rates
  • Take note of when all guests arrive, where they are staying and when they arrive and depart

Don't Forget Your…

  • Passport, tickets and currency
  • Documentation required to obtain marriage license e.g. birth certificates
  • Travel and Wedding Insurance Details
  • All Wedding clothes and accessories
  • The rings!
  • Favours, ceremony program, guest book etc
  • Place name cards, Table number cards
  • Camera, Video camera, Disposable cameras
  • Music