Which Colours Work for a Spring Wedding?

When deciding on which colour palette is right for your big day, will you be taking the season into account?  Spring is here, and wedding season is well underway in Scotland so we thought it was the perfect chance to look at Spring colour palettes for Scottish weddings.

Spring is a time for beautiful flowers, warmer weather, and pretty fresh colours.  Soft, pastel shades are a staple of this time of year and a common sight at weddings from March to June.  If you are considering embracing pale pinks, light blues, and floral yellows, you can also pair them with their darker shades to help your wedding palette stand out from the deep tones of winter, and the vibrant colours of Summer.

You can incorporate your chosen colours throughout your whole wedding, from your stationery to your clothes, to your cake and décor.  The list is as endless as your imagination!

Three Spring Colour Palettes

1. Pastel Blues, Yellow, and Pink

These soft, cool shades are the perfect nod to Spring, and are so versatile that they allow for modern touches, like bridesmaids in floral prints; multi-coloured bouquets; and of course plenty of foliage in every place you can put it!

2. Green and White


While pale green may seem like the obvious Springtime choice, gorgeous dark green hues can feel very natural when paired with white and ivory tones. 

3. Tones of Naturals


Creams, pale browns and greens can be a perfect theme for an outdoor Spring wedding, evoking a sense of nature through your gorgeous colour choices.


What colours will you be choosing for your Spring wedding?  Let us know!